How to Cook Corn on a Griddle?

Cooking food on the griddle tastes extremely delicious and is healthy as well. They are great choices to cook during the summer months and outdoor gatherings too. The Griddle can be great to cook different kinds of food and they use smaller quantities of oil than other cooking methods and can be a healthy option. 

While cooking on the griddle, it could be a great option to soak the vegetables in a marinade that is free from fat to speed up the cooking process. You should also keep flipping the food frequently so that the harmful components don’t build up on the food and this also reduces the cooking time of the food as well. To get griddle cooking much easier and simple, we can consider using less salt, little oil and choose healthy accompaniments as well.

Cook Corn

Which electric griddle is best for cooking corn?

Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle is one of the most popular electric griddles that not only help you cook corn but many other tasty recipes.

Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Electric Griddle

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Step by step cooking process – What to do before cooking corn on the griddle?

Griddles are great for cooking eggs, bacon, and pancakes. But they can be great for cooking sausages and juicy burgers and corn as well. The best griddle that is available is a double burner griddle that is made of cast iron, as they go great on stovetops. As these stovetops are double the size, we can also start grilling on the griddle. There are some rules to follow while cooking the food on the griddle.

  1. Pre-seasoning the griddle: All the griddle pans require pre-seasoning before starting to griddle the food on them. This step of pre-seasoning is the method of adding a thin layer of oil to the pan and heating it gently. This also helps in creating a non-stick surface so that the food doesn’t stick onto the griddle. Seasoning the griddle appropriately also helps in the long run, to protect the griddle from rusting.
  2. Cooking and cleaning: The griddle should be heated to at least 400 F before starting to toss the vegetables or the meat in it. While we choose to griddle the food to cook, we need to know that the process doesn’t take a long time and we may have to occasionally flip it on its sides for even cooking. After completing the cooking process, we have to clean the griddle completely and remove all the black residue and the burnt food from its surface. We may also have to wash it under hot water and dry it off with a towel.
  3. Seasoning the griddle after cooking: After completing the cleaning process, it is mandatory to season the griddle again with a film of oil, to make sure its life is protected and it doesn’t catch up with any rust. After smearing oil, we have to keep the flame on to hat it up, to maintain it in shape for a long time.

Corn recipes on the Griddle

The best recipe that we could prepare with the corn is ‘corn on the cob’ and this can be best cooked on a griddle. The cooked corn tastes great with butter and salt. Let us go through the recipe for cooking Griddled corn on the cob, with a maximum cooking time of only 15 minutes. The ingredients for the recipe and the method of cooking are as follows.


  • Fresh corn with their cob and their husks removed.
  • Oil as required 
  • Salt and pepper to season the corn
  • Flavored butter or a drizzle of oil to smear the corn after it is done cooking.

Cooking method:

  1. Before cooking the corn on the griddle, cook it in a large pan comprising of salted water. We can allow the corn to boil in water for about five minutes.
  2. Now that the corn will be tender, remove it from the water and drain it.
  3. Simultaneously, preheat the griddle and also add oil to it, to heat it at a medium-high temperature.
  4. Now place the corn on the griddle and start cooking it, not forgetting to flip it, once every five minutes.
  5. You can continue cooking the corn until it gets tender and charred.
  6. After the corn is done, coat each of the corn with flavored butter and drizzle olive oil after it is done cooking. You can also season it with pepper and salt for added taste. 

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Frying corn with bacon on the griddle

Frying corn with bacon can be an excellent delicacy and a lip-smacking dish. For this dish, it is required to dice the bacon into very small pieces. Preheat the griddle and smear it will oil. After it has heated up thoroughly, add the bacon and cook it evenly for about 7 to 10 minutes, or until it gets soft and tender. When the bacon is completely cooked, add the garlic puree and mix it with the bacon.

The next step is to add the corn that has been separated from the cob. It is can be separated after cooking the corn in the boiling water for about five minutes so that it gets tender and blends exceptionally well with the bacon. At this stage, add pepper and chopped cilantro and add the seasoning that is required to make fajita and taco for this mixture. Toss and mix evenly on the griddle and now the world-famous bacon and fried corn are all ready to taste. We can taste it with any sauce or dip of preference

How healthy is it to cook corn on the griddle?

Cooking corn on the griddle could be a healthy option, as it doesn’t take much oil and thus forms very little grease on the food. And by choosing to cook the food with healthier oils such as avocado oil or olive oil, it is possible to reduce the number of saturated fats that enter both the food and the griddle as well. Also, while choosing to use the griddle, it is possible to bake food on the surface of the pan by making use of the little quantity of oil we use, and this is a very healthy alternative. 

Cleaning the griddle after cooking corn

Like any other utensil that is been used in the kitchen, the griddle requires frequent cleaning and it also helps in ambient maintenance of the griddle. But there are all chances of the food particles to stick up to the griddle and this makes the dish cook unevenly. When the food sticks to the griddle, it might invite bacteria, which is not a healthy option at all. The cleaning and maintenance manual differs from one griddle to another. Cleaning depends on the type of the griddle as well and accordingly we can use warm water, vegetable oil, and a griddle brush among the other tools to clean the cooking surface.

After cooking corn on the griddle, we may have to season it after cleaning. We can remove the grease build-up on the griddle and also the food particles that are stuck on the griddle when it is still hot. It is also a good idea to pour hot water on the griddle and clean it with a scrubbing pad and a griddle screen to clean the entire griddle surface by placing the screen and the pad on the griddle. The final step is to rinse it and wipe it clean.


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