How To Cook Bacon On A Griddle

Bacon is the king of food. As a fresh, crispy yet chewy side for breakfast, a great add on and element of crunch in burgers, as a topping in pastas and even in salads, there are a hundred ways to make use of this extremely delicious food item. As popular as it is, it is a little tricky to cook bacon. Everyone has a different preference and if you know your bacon, you will know how you like your bacon. Through this article, we tell you how to cook bacon like an absolute expert on a griddle.

Tips To Cook Bacon On A Griddle

Cook Bacon On A Griddle

Know your bacon griddle:

If you ask barbecue experts, they will say griddle is a great way to cook bacon. The griddle can vary from anything between a griddle pan, skillet, a flat top or an electric griddle. You can cook perfectly delicious bacon goodness on any of these. Make sure you pick one that can accomodate the amount of bacon that you are about to cook. Overfilling the griddle may lead to uneven cooking.

Know how you want your bacon:

There is no one way to cook bacon perfectly. Everyone likes their bacon differently. If you ask a bunch of enthusiasts what’s the best way to cook bacon, there will immediately be an argument where half of them would say crispy, while half would disagree and go on to say how good chewy bacon is. It depends on your taste.

Customize your bacon cooking on a griddle:

If you are just trying to cook up a few crunchy bits for breakfast, frying is the best way to go. Pick up a griddle and since bacon is so fatty in itself, throw in some wood quality bacon and wait for it to turn nice reddish brown and crispy. You can also do this on a frying pan or any kind of griddle. But if you are hosting a brunch or so, and if you have to feed quite a few people, you better be prepared prepared with a flat top. You can’t probably have four pans on heat simultaneously to cook some bacon. If that’s the case, take a baking tray, cover it with a baking sheet and throw it in the oven with some bacon. Might not be as perfect as an oven top, but it still cooks pretty impressively.

How to get that crispy goodness:

There are a few things you can keep in mind while cooking your bacon crispy. Make sure that your griddle is big enough to house all the bacon you are cooking because if the entire length of bacon isn’t contained, it won’t cook evenly. Also, don’t overstuff your griddle. The bacon should breathe and dance on it. This way you can ensure its perfectly crispy.

The right temperature:

Many are confused about what’s the right temperature to cook bacon at. As per popular opinion, you need to place the griddle on a temperature slightly higher than medium. Cooking the bacon at fierce heat can escalate quickly and the fat bacon produces may split from the pan at a high temperature. Aim for temperature anywhere from 325-375F for nice, crispy rashers. Firstly, the bacon won’t cook too quickly and move on to the overcooked stage. Secondly, it gets enough, balanced heat to be cooked.

Other tips:

Another hack that you can absolutely bank on is the turning of the bacon. If you can manage to quickly turn the bacon inside the griddle, it will get a much even crispness on all sides. However, you don’t have to go all Masterchef with the bacon and burn your hands. Use a big spoon to do it. Another important element is the fat from the bacon. So, unless you are cooking at an outdoor griddle where the fat gets dried away fast, remove at least half of the bacon fat right away. Cooking the bacon in all of its fat may lead to non-crispy, fat-soaked bacon. Make sure you drain away at least half of the fat halfway into cooking. Another pro tip would be not to pour the fat down the sink. It cools down and solidifies, thus causing a blockage.

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Oiling the griddle:

You don’t have to apply any extra oil or fat on the griddle to cook bacon. Bacon is the best fatty cut meat out there and it’s meant to produce fat for it to cook as the griddle heats up. Putting oil on the griddle may actually backfire, since the over-fat can stop bacon from crisping up nicely. In fact, many a times, you don’t even require all of the fat produced by the bacon.

How long does it take to cook:

In medium heat, you need to allow the bacon to be cooked for 10 minutes if it’s a thin rashers. As the thickness of the rashers increases, you need to give more and more time for the bacon. Turn your bacon frequently to get an even crispness all over. Certain griddles may take longer to heat up, depending the look of the bacon and the aroma spreading in the kitchen, keep cooking.

To know when the bacon is ready:

In a black and white world, using a food thermometer and inserting that into the meat to check if it’s a 160 Fahrenheit or more is the right way to check if the meat is cooked. That isn’t very practical with thin cuts of bacon. You have to trust your instincts and visual understanding to determine the readiness of the bacon. If it’s becoming crispy and brown quickly, it’s ready to be taken off the heat.

Best bacon griddle:

There are plenty of options in the market, but any griddle that’s capable of heating up enough to cook bacon can be your bacon griddle. However, a stainless steel electric griddle that can soak up the extra fat as you cook your bacon can save you a lot of troubles. This way, you can cook your bacon effortlessly.

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