Top 4 Best Electric Skillet Reviews 2018

Electric Skillet has been around in people’s kitchen for quite a while now. As is clear from the name, it uses electricity for its operation. An electric skillet can be used for heating or preparing food that require certain fixed temperatures. It is mainly used to stir fry and certain types of cooking like making pancakes.It is a simple appliance that just require an electricity connection.

Out of many types of electric skillets available for buying, it can get a little difficult to figure out the best one. With the help of sections given below, you can find your ideal electric skillet, just like that.

List of Best Electric Skillets 2018:-

Best Electric SkilletsReviewsPrice
#1 Presto 06857Read ReviewCheck Price
#2 Presto 06852Read ReviewCheck Price
#3 De’Longhi BG45Read ReviewCheck Price
#4 Oster CKSTSKFM05Read ReviewCheck Price

What is an Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet can be simply seen as a pan which is plugged into a power outlet. Instead of placing the pan on the burner stove, an electric base is used here. An electric skillet comes in different shapes and sizes. You can go for a round shaped electric skillet or a square shaped electric skillet if you need a larger cooking area.

Usually an electric skillet comes with a non-stick coating on the pan and is open to temperature control. Different sizes of electric skillet can be browsed before finalising your ideal one.

Top five reasons why you need to buy an Electric Skillet

Using an electric skillet is very easy. Not only does an electric skillet offers you a better control over cooking, but it lets you strike with precision because of all the advantages it holds in the area of cooking. Following mentioned are the top five reasons as to why you need to buy an electric skillet for your cooking.

  • Temperature stability: An electric skillet lets you set the temperature to your desired figure. But unlike a cooktop burner that may get unstable on maintaining the same temperature throughout, an electric skillet offers complete temperature stability. The temperature set is maintained and is not varied during cooking.
  • Larger cooking area:While some electric skillets may be available in smaller sizes, a typical electric skillet is big enough to offer you a large and ample surface area for cooking. This is best for use in large families and lets you cook large amounts of food at once. You can cook about 6-7 pancakes at once.
  • Even heating:One of the pesky problems we face with the stove burners is that they introduce a hot spot on the pan and does not offer an even heating all over the pan surface. But with an electric skillet, the heat is evenly distributed over the complete pan surface area and maintains the same temperature throughout as mentioned above.
  • Less energy consumption:If we come to compare the electric skillet and the traditional stovetop burners, it is noted that the energy consumption while cooking food is much less in the electric skillet. They normally operate on electricity and offer great temperature control which cooks food faster and easier. The electricity acquired is reasonable and overall energy used in much less.
  • No heating up of kitchen: One annoying problem that we face with the stovetop burner is that they heat up all of the kitchen, which is hard to deal with in summers. But an electric skillet does not heat up your kitchen or your surroundings in any way. It’s all in the unit and no extra heat is emitted out while cooking or heating food.

Factors to consider before buying an Electric Skillet

Before buying the final electric skillet, you need to take in consideration the following mentioned points to choose the best one.

  • Size: This can be seen as one of the basic feature you need to look for before buying the final electric skillet. All kinds of sizes in electric skillets, from small to jumbo size, are available. You need to determine how much food you need to cook everyday using this and pick out the ideal size according to that.
  • Shape: These electric skillets are available in different shapes. Two of the very common being the round and the square shape. The round shape tends to offer a larger depth and a square shape tends to offer a greater pan area. Depending upon your food and shape preferences, you must go for the one which best suits you.
  • Temperature: You need to check for the electric skillet as to how much temperature does it reaches on heating. Ideally, experts recommend going for the one which reaches at least 450 degrees F. Some of the electric skillets reach up to 400 degrees F but they are not ideal for deep fry cooking. Try to go for 450 to extend the flexibility of cooking.
  • Cooking methods: Electric skillets come with the settings of different cooking modes. When you are buying one, you must look for what kinds of cooking methods it is offering. Try to go for the one which offers more areas. Normal skillets are used for stir-frying, deep-frying or sautéing. Whereas many other may also offer extra options such as grilling or baking.
  • Pan material: Pans for the electric skillet are available in two materials. The most common being the aluminium pan with a non-stick coating. However, if you have a larger budget, you can also go for the stainless-steel pans which are available at a higher price. It really depends on your level of comfort.

Top 4 Electric Skillet Reviews 2018

#1.  Presto 06857 Electric Skillet

Presto 06857 Electric Skillet

    Check Price

This is an electric skillet by Presto which is ideal for cooking one-dish meals, baking, roasting, grilling, frying and stewing. It controls and maintains cooking temperature brilliantly. The key features of this electric skillet are as follows.

  • It comes with a built-in pour spout which serves doubly as a spoon rest too.
  • The base and handles are easily detachable.
  • It is very easy to clean and store.
  • It has a 16-inch base and high sidewalls which allows extra cooking and serving capacity.
  • It offers greater efficiency since it consumes less energy than an oven or stovetop burner.
  • It comes with a tempered glass cover and stay cool handles that allows it to be used as buffet servers too.
  • It features a control master heat control that is helpful in maintaining the same temperature throughout cooking.
  • The material type for this skillet is aluminium.
  • The heavy cast aluminium base features a non-stick surface on both the inside and the outside.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It comes in black colour.
  • The overall dimensions of this electric skillet are 20 x 12.5 x 8 inches.
  • The total weight of this electric skillet is 8.6 pounds.

#2.  Presto 06852 Electric Skillet

Presto 06852 Electric Skillet

    Check Price

This is a jumbo size electric skillet from Presto that offers extra cooking and serving capacity because of its large 16-inch cooking surface area. The key features of this electric skillet are as follows.

  • It is ideal for cooking, roasting, stewing, frying, grilling, baking, making casseroles etc.
  • It is fully immersible and offers heat control removal for easy clean up.
  • It comes with a tempered glass cover which lets you look through easily.
  • It can also be used as a buffet server.
  • The overall dimensions of this electric skillet are 23 x 13 x 9 inches.
  • The total weight of this electric skillet is 9.6 pounds.
  • It offers a deluxe non-stick cooking surface area on the inside and the outside which also makes it easy to clean.
  • It is more efficient than a burner and uses lesser energy.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is built North American Electrical Standards.

#3.  De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

    Check Price

This is an electric skillet by De’Longhi which is ideal for making breakfast, lunch and dinner very easily. It offers a thorough and consistent cooking surface area. The key features of this electric skillet are as follows.

  • It comes with a fully embedded skillet base.
  • The heat is evenly distributed all over the area without the creation of any hot spots or cold spots.
  • It comes with a tempered glass lid which helps in keeping the food warm and adds to the style factor too.
  • It comes with a detachable adjustable thermostat which can be used to cook food according to one’s exact preference.
  • It offers easy cleaning and storing.
  • The skillet base and lid are dishwasher safe.
  • It offers an extra-large cooking surface area.
  • It comes with cool touch handles which makes it safe to use and ensures easy movement.
  • The overall dimensions of this electric skillet are 19.3 x 11.8 x 8.4 inches.
  • The total weight of this electric skillet is 8.9 pounds.
  • It comes in black colour.
  • It has a non-stick cooking area.
  • It comes with adjustable steam vent holes which are responsible for easy steam evaporation.
  • It features a die-cast aluminium body.

#4.  Oster CKSTSKFM05 Electric Skillet

Oster CKSTSKFM05 Electric Skillet

    Check Price

This is an electric skillet by Oster which has a 16-inch base and offers easy cooking capability at home. The temperature can be easily adjusted according to the user preference. The key features of this electric skillet are as follows.

  • It features a smooth cooking surface area which heats up quickly and evenly.
  • It can be used for cooking areas such as making pancakes and French toasts, scrambled eggs, frying bacon, making grilled sandwiches etc.
  • It comes with a secure fitting tempered glass lid which allows easy look through to the food inside the pan and is useful is trapping heat inside.
  • It works well for frying chicken, stewing and baking casseroles as well.
  • The temperature can easily be adjusted by simply turning the dial on its user-friendly temperature probe.
  • It features a sleek and modern look.
  • It comes with cool touch side handles which makes it easy to move around.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It features a dishwasher safe design.
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • The overall dimensions of this electric skillet are 6.8 x 19.8 x 13.4 inches.
  • The total weight of this electric skillet is 9 pounds.
  • It comes in multicolour.

Electric Skillets have been known to be very easy to use and cook generous amounts of food with easiness and comfort. The best thing about these electric skillets is that they tend to distribute the heat evenly all over the skillet base area. Hot and cold spots on the stovetop burners are generally an issue while cooking pancakes and other precision demanding food items.

But with the use of electric skillets, this problem has been widely eliminated. An electric skillet cooks pancakes brilliantly. These electric skillets are best suited for stir-frying and sautéing. For deep frying, too, these electric skillets prove to be really useful. Most of these electric skillets double as buffet servers because of their easy cool-off handles.

There are many different designs, sizes and shapes to choose from. If you would be using it at your dorm room or office for occasional cooking, then a smaller design and shape would might as well work for you. However, for everyday home uses, you might need to go for a bigger skillet base. Considering the amount of cooking you might be doing, the right kind of electric skillet must be chosen.

Most of these electric skillets are dishwasher safe. All you need to go is wipe up the skillet base and lid with a cloth and put it in the dishwasher and it will be cleaned. It’s easy to clean properties does make it very easy to use and maintain. Also, because of their non-stick cooking surface, cooking food conveniently without worrying about it sticking to the surface is possible too.

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