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Why you need to buy the Electric Griddle?

An electric griddle is much like a simple non-stick pan on a stovetop, with a difference that it uses electricity and is a much larger one. There are many advantages associated with an electric griddle that make it a must have. So, here are the top five reasons as to why you need to buy the electric griddle as soon as possible.

  • Large cooking surface: One of the foremost reasons you will want to have an electric griddle is the large cooking surface area it offers. Unlike the small pans that can hardly take 2 pancakes at once, you can cook more than 6 on an electric griddle in one cycle. Not only does it saves time, but energy consumed and wasted too.
  • Keeps food warm: Not only an electric griddle can be used to just cook food, but it can also be used to keep cooked food warm. Since it is a countertop griddle, you can place it anywhere near a plugin and use it as a hotplate to keep food warm in a party or a family dinner. It has great heating properties and is absolutely suitable for warming purposes.
  • Even heating: This is another very good point about these electric griddles that they provide an even heating on all of the surface area. When you are cooking on the electric griddle, you don’t need to worry about the hot spots and cold spots. Every inch of the surface area is heated equally and can be used to full advantage while cooking pancakes or any other thing.
  • Flat surface: The complete electric griddle is flat in whole. There are no curves or risen edges present on an electric griddle. So, it makes cooking very easy since you can use your spatula easy to flip pancakes or the toasts easily.
  • Grease collection: This is also another good thing about the electric griddle. All the extra grease and drips from the food is pooled into a well ringed around the edges of the electric griddle. You don’t need to worry about the grease dripping, since it will automatically be collected in a reservoir which can later be used for further cooking or can simply be thrown away.

Factors to check before choosing the right Electric Griddle.

Before you make your final choice for an electric griddle, there are the following points you need to keep in mind.

  • Cooking surface: Before buying the final electric griddle, you need to check the cooking surface material since that is one of the most important things. Most of the griddles come in non-stick surface which are best for making pancakes and other sticky kind of food. Others also come in cast iron but non-stick surfaces are the most preferred ones.
  • Size: Size is also one of the most important considerations for buying an electric griddle. Usually electric griddles are bulky and tend to take up a generous amount of space in the kitchen. Depending upon the area you have available and the need for it, you must choose the ideal size for yourself.
  • Heat controls: Usually the electric griddles offer the 3 heat setting options as high, medium and low. But there are others that let you set a specific temperature and no just confine you to these three. Look for an electric griddle that offers more flexibility in temperature setting. This makes easy for you to cook all different kinds of foods that require a specific temperature.
  • Warming Drawer: Most of the electric griddles come with a warming drawer which is a specific area below the griddle that can be used to keep the food warm while preparing more on the surface above. This is a great feature that is helpful in keeping food warm for longer durations.
  • Cleaning: Look for an electric griddle which is very easy to clean. Some of the electric griddle come with an option of removal of heat control and the hot tray is dishwasher safe. These kinds of electric griddles are easy to use and impose minimum work on you for cleaning.

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