Top 15 Best Electric Griddle Reviews 2018

Electric griddles are great conveniences for the modern kitchen, where we can cook up pancakes, eggs and and more with an even heat across the cooking surface. The best electric griddles also let us cook at various temperatures and keep food warm when required. Here is a list of the best electric griddles that are now available in the market, for families that eat healthy.

List of Best Electric Griddles 2018

Best Electric GriddlesReviewsPrice
#1 Presto 07061Read ReviewCheck Price
#2 BLACK+DECKER GD2011BRead ReviewCheck Price
#3 Cuisinart GR-4NRead ReviewCheck Price
#4 Presto 07211Read ReviewCheck Price
#5 Hamilton Beach 25360Read ReviewCheck Price
#6 Cuisinart GR-300WSRead ReviewCheck Price
#7 Broil King PCG-10Read ReviewCheck Price
#8 Presto 07050Read ReviewCheck Price
#9 Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big GriddleRead ReviewCheck Price
#10 Presto 07072Read ReviewCheck Price
#11 Hamilton Beach 38546Read ReviewCheck Price
#12 George Foreman GRP4800RRead ReviewCheck Price
#13 Toastess TWT-40Read ReviewCheck Price
#14 Oster CKSTGR3007-ECORead ReviewCheck Price
#15 Ovente GR2001BRead ReviewCheck Price

Top 15 Electric Griddle Reviews 2018

Electric griddles are available in many variations and sizes. Depending upon your requirements and installation space, the right one can be chosen. Let’s read the best electric griddle reviews, so that you can choose the right one.

1.  Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

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This Presto griddle has a simple but effective design and at its sub-$50 price, is an excellent offering from the appliance brand. As with many Presto cast aluminum griddles, this one is affordable and satisfyingly heavy yet light enough to move around the kitchen counter. The low profile makes it easy to store. It has a 22inches by 11.5 inches cooking surface, which is larger than the average griddle. The non-stick surface is durable and easy to clean.

The unit can be stored in a standard 18 inch kitchen cabinet with the handles removed. Like most electric griddles, expect the surface to heat a little unevenly – the griddle will get hottest near the heating element.


  • Durable non-stick surface
  • Easy to store
  • Large cooking surface
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Affordable


  • Griddle warps with frequent use


The Verdict

For an affordable griddle that will be used occasionally, this Presto model is value for money. But some users have reported warping with heavy use. Nevertheless, it continues to be a popular griddle with a high rating and can be a safe buy for everyday use in a family kitchen.

2.  BLACK+DECKER GD2011B Electric Griddle

BLACK+DECKER GD2011B Electric Griddle

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Black & Decker’s family-size griddle has a 10 inch by 20 inches cooking area. It has cool-touch handles that you can safely move the unit around with. This is a popular unit with an adjustable temperature knob, a non-stick surface and an immersible base that can be washed in the sink. There is a removable drip tray to remove excess grease, and it can be washed in a dishwasher.

The griddle preheats quickly and a light indicators lets you know when the griddle is ready for cooking. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat, so the griddle stays at the desired temperature while you cook. The unit weighs 5.2 pounds and is quite easy to store. The grease channel has been designed well, keeping in mind that you want grease to start draining off as early into the cooking process as possible.


  • Uniform heating
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Great price
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Well-designed grease channel


  • Has a short cord that may need an extension
  • The bottom heats up significantly


The Verdict

If you want a budget griddle for your eggs, pancakes and sausages, the Black & Decker griddle is an excellent option. It is lightweight, easy to clean, reaches even temperatures and doesn’t mess up your kitchen with grease. Overall, a highly recommended unit for any family.

3.  Cuisinart GR-4N Griddle

Cuisinart GR-4N Griddle

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The Cuisinart Griddler is a highly popular unit that offers a bang for your buck. It offers five cooking features for your countertop. The unit can be used as a half or full griddle, a half or full grill and a Panini press. The unit is well-designed with a lid that opens up for a larger cooking surface for larger parties. With the unit fully open, the Panini-style handle functions as a leg. The cooking plates are reversible and removable, which makes them easy to clean in the dishwasher.

There are three knobs on the body, which lets you easily select either griddle or grill function. The red and green lights indicate when the unit has preheated to the temperature you want, and is ready for cooking. The contact grill feature lets you close the lid to cook both sides of meats and chicken at the same time. The Panini Press feature is easy to use. Simply adjust the hinge of the lid with the slider and press over a thick Panini sandwich.


  • Versatile grill/griddle
  • Non stick surface
  • Removable and reversible plates
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable
  • Attractive stainless steel exterior


  • Cooking surface is not PFOA free, but it is BOA free


The Verdict

This versatile Cuisinart unit is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s great for cooking everything from toast to bacon, from eggs to pork chops, from steak sandwiches and more. A light spray of cooking spray is recommended for items like eggs and anything else that could stick. The convenience of being able to choose from 5 different cooking options means that there will be little need to use the stovetop when cooking for family or friends.

4.  Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

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Presto’s Liddle Griddle is a compact griddle that is portable and great for one to two people. The griddle has a slim design like the Presto slimline griddle, and it has a 8 ½ inches by 10 ½ inch cooking surface. This cast aluminum griddle is lighter than cast iron and is easier to clean. The surface also enables even heating. At sub-$25, this griddle is an excellent addition to a kitchen. The griddle has a slight slope and a channel at one end to collect excess grease. The heat control can be removed and the griddle can be fully immersed for cleaning. It packs a lot of power in its compact size. The heat controller can achieve temperatures of up to 400 degrees F. It also has a warm function to keep food warm at low temperatures without further cooking. Weighing at a light 4 lbs, this griddle is easy to take along with you wherever you go.


  • Easy and accurate temperature control
  • Compact size
  • Channel for grease collection
  • Fairly even heat


  • One-year warranty against defects

The Verdict

If you live alone and want a griddle to quickly cook up eggs, sausages or pancakes, the Presto Liddle Griddle is ideal. Grease and oil drains to the channel at one end of the griddle. While the channel is effective in keeping grease off your kitchen counter, be careful with steaks and other meats with high levels of fat as this can spill out of the channel and onto the counter. Overall, the griddle is easy to clean, value for money, and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

5.  Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill

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This Hamilton Beach indoor grill is great for cooking outdoor grill quality steaks in your kitchen. The grill is a compact unit with an extra large drip tray for removing grease. The lid of the grill works as an outdoor grill, so it doesn’t have a heating element. The unit is good for cooking steaks, fish, chicken, vegetables, hamburgers and anything you’d cook on an outdoor grill. The searing function helps you to quickly sear steaks at high heat before cooking at lower temperatures. The cooking area is large enough for two people, at around 15 inches by 10 inches. The warming plate helps to keep food warm. The lid, non-stick plate and drip tray can be removed and cleaned in a dishwasher. The lid may not fit in every dishwasher.

The unit has an adjustable temperature control between 200 degrees and 450 degrees. The drip pan is well designed, so grease doesn’t drip anywhere else. The unit should be preheated before placing food in, just as with an outdoor grill. Preheating takes as little as two minutes.


  • Good searing action
  • Accurate temperature controls
  • Quick preheating
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Cord may be a little short
  • The lid may not fit in all dishwashers


The Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable grill to cook up steaks, vegetables and other summer favorites for family and friends, the Hamilton Beach grill is an excellent option. It is priced in the sub-$60 range, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is easy to clean and doesn’t smoke up your home a lot. The lid keeps mess away and all the cooking parts are removable for the dishwasher. Overall, a highly recommended budget grill for restaurant quality steaks.

6.  Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler

Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler

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If you’re looking for a versatile griddle and grill with a lid for panini, then this Cuisinart model is worth a look. The unit offers six cooking options. You can use it as a full grill or griddle, as well as a half grill and griddle, and a Panini press. The griddle plates are reversible and removable. Each of the two plates has a flat and a ridged side. The plates are non-stick and the heating element is embedded into the plates. The plates can be washed in the dishwasher.

The unit can also be opened up to offer you a larger cooking area for griddling up to 12 pancakes or up to 12 hamburgers at the same time. This makes the unit great for families as well as for entertaining. There is a sliding bar on the lid that lets you adjust the height for top browning or top melting. There is a removable drip tray that you can slide out of the back. The large digital display makes it easy to see your settings. The lower and upper plates can be operated at different temperatures. The unit also has a sixty minute timer. The unit also offers high sear function for either plate at 500 degrees for up to 2 minutes at one time. This makes it easy to sear your steaks before you cook at lower temperatures.


  • Multiple cooking options
  • Attractive stainless steel casing
  • Accurate temperature adjustment between 200 and 450 degrees F
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher friendly plates


  • High price
  • Weighs 16.8 pounds


The Verdict

The Cuisinart griddle and grill combo is an excellent versatile model with a sturdy build. It has a large cooking surface, and offers a searing feature, which is a bonus not many griddles offer. You won’t need to use the stove anymore if you own the Cuisinart griddle and grill. Cleaning is easy and so is storage. Overall, a highly recommended model for the modern family or singles who want to eat healthy at home.

7.  Broil King PCG-10 Portable Griddle

Broil King PCG-10 Portable Griddle

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Broil King is known for its powerful gas grills. This portable nonstick griddle is a successful offering from the brand, with an eco-friendly non-stick surface. The griddle is a large rectangle, about 29 inches in length. This makes it large enough to cook breakfast for a large family. The griddle lets you adjust heat up to 425 degrees F. The handles are stainless steel and relatively cool to the touch even when the griddle is hot. The highlight of the griddle is the stainless steel backsplash, which you can remove to clean. The backsplash helps protect against splatter. The griddle can be used on a daily basis, and cleaning is easy as long as the cooking surface is wiped off with a damp paper towel while it is still hot. For deeper cleaning, the temperature control can be removed and the base can be cleaned fully immersed. The grease tray is also removable and easy to clean.

The new Broil King griddles have a ceramic Sol-Gel coated surface, which is PFOA and PTFE-free. To fix the backsplash, it must be slid over the nonstick surface, which could potentially scratch the edges if one is not careful. This is one of the few complaints that users have against the griddle. It is possible to extend the rear feet to tilt the griddle for better drainage.


  • Large surface
  • Non-stick ceramic coating
  • Backsplash limits mess
  • Feet can be extended to tilt griddle for drainage
  • 2-year warranty


  • High price

The Verdict

The Broil King griddle is not perfect. It does not heat as evenly as one would hope, since the center is usually hotter than the left side. However, this is not a fault but a property that is described in the manual. The extendable rear legs don’t appear to be very sturdy. However, the griddle is great for cooking everything from vegetables to chicken, eggs and pancakes, to toasted bread and burgers. It’s quite easy to clean and cooks large meals for big families.

8.  Presto 07050 Foldaway Griddle

Presto 07050 Foldaway Griddle

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The Presto Cool-Touch foldaway griddle is a well-designed griddle that is large yet easy to fold away and store. The cooking area is a jumbo-size 14 inch by 15 inch square, which is far more spacious than most rectangular griddles. It can cook as many as 9 pancakes or 9 eggs at one time. Users of Presto griddles will find the familiar Cool Touch sides and base, that makes it easy to handle the griddle even when it’s hot. The griddle has a removable drip tray and the heat control knob can be removed when the griddle is cleaned.

This aluminum model offers even heating and you can cook everything from pancakes to eggs, bacon to sausages, and drain all the excess grease in the drip tray. To facilitate this, the surface slopes a little towards the front. You can warm food, and achieve temperatures between 200 and 400 degrees. The heat controller is accurate. A highlight of the griddle is its foldable legs. This makes the griddle easy to store. It can be immersed to clean as well.


  • Large, square, non-stick surface
  • Foldable legs for storage
  • Fully immersible
  • Accurate heat control
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Slight slope may make cooking eggs a litte inconvenient

The Verdict

The Presto foldable griddle is large, easy to store and immersible. It heats reasonably evenly, though it can get hotter near the control. It is a good purchase for a large family, since you can cook a number of eggs, pancakes or burgers at the same time. Some users shim the front to make the surface lay flat for eggs. But the slope makes it easy to cook meats and have the excess grease drain off. Overall, a highly recommended griddle.

9.  Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle 23”

Tilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle 23''

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The Tilt n Drain griddle gives you an extra large cooking surface of 18 inches by 14 inches, on which you can cook as many as 12 eggs or a similar number of pancakes. The griddle is encased in a base that stays relatively cool even when the cooking surface is too hot to touch. The griddle weighs 8 lbs, so it is not too heavy to move around. It also has a generously sized grease tray for removing excess grease. Another highlight of the griddle is its ‘tilt’ feature, that lets you drain the grease into the drip tray. To tilt the tray, you simply have to pull the handles outwards.

Cleaning the griddle is easy. Simply remove the heat controller and immerse the entire unit for cleaning. The build of the appliance may make it unsuitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. But you can simply scrape off any food with a spatula, and then rub the wet or soaked cooking surface gently with a cloth or nylon scrubber. More persistent food stains can be soaked for a while to remove.


  • Larger-than-most cooking surface
  • Tilt feature
  • Large grease tray
  • Even heating
  • Easy to clean


  • May not be suitable for every dishwasher

The Verdict

The Tilt n Drain griddle may be one of the largest griddles in the market. This offering from Presto is an excellent appliance to have, if what you’re looking for is a simple, convenient and fuss-free griddle to feed the entire family. The unit stands out not only for its size, but for a few details like the tilt feature and the cool touch edges that makes using it a pleasure.

10.  Presto 07072 Slimline Griddle

Presto 07072 Slimline Griddle

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The Presto Slimline griddle is a sleek, highly rated griddle that is a pleasure to use. The unit has a 13 inches by 22 inches cooking surface, which is much larger than many other griddles in the market. The surface is non-stick and the drip tray is large and easy to slide out for emptying. The highlight is the heavy cast aluminum cooking surface, which is lighter (and cheaper) than cast iron and therefore easier to clean. Aluminum surfaces heat up and cool down much faster than cast iron as well. Seasoning is recommended, but not as critical as it is for cast iron cooking surfaces.

The griddle cannot be removed but it is fully immersible. As long as the heat controller is removed, the griddle can be easily cleaned. The drip tray is easy to slide out for cleaning. The temperature controls are accurate. The heating elements help to heat the cooking surface reasonably evenly, though some users have complained about “lines” down their pancakes.


  • Large surface
  • Heats and cools quickly
  • Accurate temperature controls
  • Easy to clean
  • Thick cast aluminum less likely to warp


  • May not be suitable for every dishwasher.

The Verdict

Presto is a household name in kitchen appliances, and it’s to be expected that the kitchen griddles manufactured by the company will keep to high standards. The Presto slimline griddle is an extra large and tough cast aluminum griddle that is reasonably light but weighty enough that you can feel its quality. The Presto griddle is great for cooking large breakfasts, dinner and lunch, and for low-key buffets when entertaining. The slim design means that it is easy to store as well.

11.  Hamilton Beach 38546 Griddle

Hamilton Beach 38546 3-in-1 Griddle

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The Hamilton Beach griddle and grill combo is an affordable sub-$50 appliance. You can use the griddle and the grill at the same time, like many other 2-in-one grill/griddle units. But each plate has its own dedicated heat adjustment knob. This feature makes it easy to cook two different kinds of food at the same time. The plates are non-stick, reversible and can be removed for cleaning. They are also PFOA-free, which means they are safer to use than many other non-stick cookware out there.

There is a grease tray at the center, which collects the drippings from meats. The cooking plates and the drip tray are dishwasher safe. In all, the two plates offer a sizeable 180 square inches of cooking area. This is enough to cook a large breakfast for a family of four or grill eight large hamburgers for a large lunch. Since the plates are reversible, the unit can be used either as only a grill, or only as a griddle, or a combination of the two.


  • 3-in-1 griddle and grill combo
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Independent heat controls
  • Affordable
  • Large griddle and grill
  • Reversible plates
  • Grill plates are sloped to drain grease
  • Heats up reasonably quick


  • Some fats may stick to the surface and stain it with use


The Verdict

The Hamilton Beach griddle and grill combo is an affordable sub-$50 griddle and grill with large plates for cooking up large meals. It is cost-effective and you get what you pay for with the appliance. It is a good option for cooking eggs, meats, vegetables, pancakes and other foods, with very little to no oil. The ceramic coating may not be as durable as higher end griddles but it is sturdy enough to handle use a few times a week.

12.  George Foreman GRP4800R Grill

George Foreman GRP4800R Grill

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This affordable George Foreman appliance is a multi-tasker that is great for a modern kitchen. It offers several features. You can grill food on its ridged ceramic plates and make panini sandwiches. You can use the deep dish baking pan for baking, griddling and sauteing. You can use the muffin pan for making six muffins, large meatballs, single-serve quiches and more.

Cooking with this appliance is healthy. The sloped grilling surface makes it easy to drain excess fats from grilled meats. You can also lay the grill plate flat when pressing a Panini. A knob at the back of the grill makes it easy to control the angle of the grilling plate. There is an adjustable hinge that lets you cook thick sandwiches and thick cuts of meat.

The control panel makes it easy to set temperatures. The appliance supports grill temperatures ranges of 325 degrees to 450 degrees. It can also achieve high-heat searing at 500 degrees. The non-stick cooking surfaces are removable and easy to clean.


  • All-in-one appliance for grilling, panini, griddling, baking and more
  • Adjustable hinge for thin to thick foods
  • Easy digital heat settings
  • Quick preheating
  • Large cooking surface for five servings of food
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick surface eliminates need for cooking sprays
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Competitively priced


  • Not all models come with waffle plates
  • The grill can get too hot to handle


The Verdict

This George Foreman kitchen appliance is versatile and an excellent addition to any kitchen. It can be used for all kinds of cooking, such as frying chicken, baking cookies, making burgers, cooking meatballs, sauteing vegetables, sauces for spaghetti and a host of other foods. The grill plates are non-stick and easy to clean. Instead of eating out often, users will find it’s quite easy to whip up healthy meals at home. Overall, a highly recommended purchase for the family kitchen.

13.  Toastess TWT-40 Griddle

Toastess TWT-40 Electric Griddle

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As the name suggests, the Toastess is a warming tray that warms up food for serving. It can be operated both plugged into the socket, as well as cordlessly. The stainless steel warming tray can keep food warm for up to 60 minutes without being plugged in. It can be kept plugged in to heat food for extended periods. The tray warms up in 8 minutes.

The Toastess is great for everyday use, for keeping food warm while the family gathers for a meal. It is also good for entertaining or a small buffet. There is enough space on one unit to warm four plates. The surface measures 23 ¾ inches by 11 ¾ inches. Small casseroles can be kept warm without cooking them further. There is an automatic temperature control that prevents the tray from overheating, so your food will stay warm but not dry out.

The tray has cool handles that make it easy to move during and after use. Tray temperatures are not indicated, but the Toastess keeps mashed potatoes steaming and lasagnas bubbling on the surface, in shallow dishes. The tray can be hot to touch during use, but the edges stay cooler.


  • East to keep plates warm for parties and everyday use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty


  • No thermostat to control or indicate heat settings
  • Surface is vulnerable to scratching

The Verdict

The Toastess is an excellent addition to the kitchen for families that love to entertain. It keeps food warm perfectly, especially when plating a meal for which the side dishes aren’t yet ready. The tray is made in China but comes with a 2-year limited warranty. When using during a party, it will be best to set up a note warning people of the hot edges. The lack of a thermostat can be off-putting for some, but overall, if you want your food warm before you eat without overcooking, the Toastess is an excellent buy.

14.  Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO Griddle

Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO Griddle

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The Oster reversible grill and griddle is fitted with the company’s patented DuraCeramic ceramic coating, designed to last longer than the average ceramic coating without peeling or flaking. The unit has two separate griddle and ridged grill plates that each offer a large 10 inches by 18 inches cooking surface. The appliance is a good addition to any family meal.

The ceramic griddle and grill are temperature adjustable. The control knob can be removed for cleaning. Like all good electric griddles, there is a drip plate that can also be removed for cleaning. The base is fully immersible in a dishwasher. The DuraCeramic coating ensures that the cooking plates heat up faster than the average grill. Despite the large cooking plate size, the griddle weighs 7 lbs, like most average electric griddles, which makes it reasonably light and easy to move around.

The non-stick surface is PTFE and PFOA free, which means the grill is eco-friendly and safer than Teflon, both for your family and for the environment. Ceramic coatings are stable at high temperatures, so they don’t release toxins and fumes. The heating controls go up to 450 degrees, which is higher than many models.


  • Even heating on griddle, and maintains heat well
  • East to clean
  • Good for all kinds of food items
  • Keeps food warm for serving
  • Good non-stick action
  • Good-sized cooking surface


  • Reaches desired temperature slower than some other griddles
  • Price is higher than average griddles
  • Grill may not get hot enough for meats like a skillet

The Verdict

The Oster reversible griddle and grill is an excellent addition to a family that is looking for a breakfast griddle that will cook up pancakes, eggs and large breakfasts in general. It is a good-sized griddle that heats up hot and even, so you can cook eggs and pancakes perfectly without stripes. It is well-constructed and sturdy, as well as giving you the satisfaction of knowing that the cooking surface is safe and eco-friendly. A highly recommended griddle for those who don’t mind spending over $50 for a good quality, long-lasting griddle and grill appliance.

15.  Ovente GR2001B Electric Griddle

Ovente GR2001B Electric Griddle

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This Ovente appliance is well-designed with a reversible and detachable set of plate halves, one a flat griddle and another a ridged grill with holes that drain excess oils and fats. The drip tray catches the extra oil for removal. The plates are made of ceramic, which heats up evenly and to high temperatures. The highest temperature the unit can support is 375 degrees. The grill heats quickly and cools down quickly as well. The Ovente grill and griddle also has a temperature control knob that gives you control over the cooking temperature. You can sear meat at a high temperature and then cook it to a juicy finish at lower temperatures.

The Ovente reversible grill and griddle comes with a scraper that helps to keep the griddle clean. All parts are removable, which makes the grill easy to clean. All parts are also dishwasher-safe, except the temperature controller. The temperature controller can be removed however. The unit is easy to store and can even be stored upright. The grill and griddle has a stainless steel finish that looks attractive. The heat-tempered glass lid is fitted with a cool-touch handle for safety.


  • Compact, easy to carry and convenient for kitchen as well as outdoor use.
  • Well-designed lid that keeps food warm, crisp and prevents splattering.
  • Heats up quickly and to high, even temperatures across the plates.
  • Easy to clean.
  • All parts dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to store.


  • Some users may find it a little small for their needs.

The Verdict

Overall, the Ovente reversible 2-in-one grill and griddle is just right for a small family or a small scale picnic. It is portable, heats up quickly, and keeps the cooking area clean. Cleaning is as easy as removing the plates and the drip tray, and washing either in the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water. The non-stick coating means that food slides off the surface easily. If you’re looking for a compact, handy grill that can cook juicy chicken breasts and steaks as well as veggies, you can consider the Ovente Reversible.

Best Electric Griddle Buying Guide

If you have a knack of cooking you might be familiar with griddles. While there are traditional griddles, electric griddles have emerged as the most trendy and handy kitchen stars of the day. Here we discuss some features of an electric griddle that could aid in your market research enabling an easy purchase for your kitchen.

What is an Electric Griddle?

A basic electric griddle is a large and flat cooking surface that uses an in-built electric element as its heating source. The griddle usually has a ridge fenced around its edge to clasp the grease or juices that ooze out from the food as it cooks on its surface. A griddle surface could be either made out of cast iron or a non-stick coating. As compared to a stovetop cookware, the electric griddle, typically offers a larger surface and they also come with an adjustable heat control that helps in maintaining a desirable temperature for warming or cooking food. With steady heating features, the cooking heat is evenly distributed throughout the griddle surface.

An electric griddle features a flat surface that can be used to cook breakfast dishes such as pancakes, toast, steaks etc.

Since it is technically a flat surface, it can be used to cook other foods too. A good stir fry and sautéing can be easily done on this flat surface. It also features a side ringed surface that collects all the extra grease from your food and stores it in a reservoir. Therefore, cooking greasy food is also easy on an electric griddle.

Materials used in electric griddles:

Griddles can be built of varied materials and each make up for its distinguished features:

–          Aluminium: Griddles made of aluminium conducts heat well and thus can soar in temperature quickly. It usually cooks faster and is ideal for sautéing and searing.

–          Cast Iron: These griddles heat slowly but once they reach set temperatures they can maintain the heat for a sustained period. These griddles are durable and can serve you for years if cared for properly. If you wish to cook steaks and other meat items frequently, the cast iron griddle would be a valuable choice.

–          Stainless Steel: Not so popular for home use though, this type of griddle is often used in commercial settings. These e-griddles are easy to clean and come with greater durability. However, discolouration and sticking could be a recurrent problem with this category of griddles.

–          Non-stick coating: One of the most popular varieties used in domestic cooking, these griddles could have any metal underneath its casing. Ceramic, considered as one of the most durable types of non-stick coating is mostly used as the coating.

Benefits of an electric griddle and what it could be used for?

Griddles can be used for churning out some scrumptious meals. For instance, if you are fond of savouries for breakfast, the flat griddle surface can come handy in tossing the fluffiest of pancakes, French toasts, Cheesesteaks, Quesadillas and much more. There are quite a few advantages of using an electric griddle. Some of these include:

  • Flat surface: The flat base allows for easy manoeuvring with a spatula as you can conveniently flip your omelettes or tortillas without any obstruction.
  • Large surface area: More surface capacity means your griddle can cook larger food quantity at a time. Also, simultaneously the expansive surface allows for multiple dishes to be cooked at the same time. For example, you could be flipping a pancake on one side and grilling a cheese sandwich on the other side of the same griddle. If you are hosting a party at home and preparing a lot of dishes, the e-griddle can come to your rescue as it will allow you to free up the stove for other pans and pots.
  • Even-heating and warming functions: The heating element of an electric griddle provides for even-heating throughout its surface enabling uniform cooking or warming of the food items placed on it as opposed to a stovetop griddle that may leave some cooler spots in areas between the grates.
  • Catches the grease: The round edges fencing the griddle can easily collect the grease that accumulates from the cooking process.
  • Swiftly reaches desired temperatures: The e-griddle with uniformly built-in heating element can quickly reach the temperature that you set with the help of the appliance’s knobs which allow for desirable setting.
  • Compact and portable: An electric griddle is compact and can be conveniently placed on your kitchen countertop or even carried along when on the move.
  • Safe for use: The appliance can be safely used in small kitchens and balconies just with a socket to plug in.
  • Smoke free: Allows for cleaner grilling as no char or smoke is created.
  • Saves money: The product requires only little after-use care yet can save you money as it does not require any propane tank replacement and is available at an affordable price.
  • Durability: Electric griddles mostly feature a sturdy and durable cast aluminium material that facilitates even distribution of heat and concurrently resists from quick warping.

Top Reason to Buy an Electric Griddle

If you are still unsure of the pros of switching to an electric griddle considering these reasons might certainly bring some clarity of purpose.

–              Serve as many: Are you up for some Sunday brunch or have guests over for breakfast? This little electric appliance can work wonders in preparing dishes of everyone’s choice at one-go without investing additional time. The large surface is typically designed so that you can easily cook up all kinds of breakfast. The larger the griddle size, the merrier as you can make so many items like eggs, toasts, pancakes all together so that your entire family can indulge in some lip-smacking breakfast or supper together.

–              An easy-to-clean surface: Eating is fun, but cleaning up is indeed a mammoth task. With the easy-to-clean surfaces offered by most models of the electric griddle, you will not have to fret on the cleaning part at least. The non-greasy surface ensures that no stubborn grease accumulates on its planes making cooking pleasurable and less dreadful. The easiest way to clean the griddle is to simply lift and remove the grill surface and leave it in the sink. Alternatively, you can use a clean piece of moist cloth to wipe the stains from the griddle. However, ensure to unplug the appliance before you begin cleaning. It may please you to know that some griddle components may come as dishwasher safe.

–              Attractive and user-friendly designs: One of the simplest operable appliances, all you have to do is just plug the electric griddle and wait for a few seconds to turn the switch on. Most griddle models available in the market offer varied heat settings allowing you to customize the grill surface based on your desired requirement and preference. Not to forget, they are designed in a manner to easily fit into your countertops regardless of your kitchen size. Additional features such as non-stick cooking surface, removal grill surface and detachable plugs make the use of an electric griddle increasingly convenient as compared to any other kitchen appliance.

Factors to consider before buying an Electric Griddle

There are myriad brands offering varied models of electric griddles today and you can make your pick after a market survey. If appropriately used, this appliance can serve as one of the most useful kitchen tools. However, choosing the best griddle can often be a challenging task with multiple choices. You could consider some of the following factors before investing in an electric griddle.

–       Pick the required size: Depending on your need and frequency of cooking, consider looking for a size that fits your cooking requirement. For instance, if you have a large family and intend to use the electric griddle for regular cooking then wise to purchase a bigger model that can house more food. On the other hand if you are a bachelor and need the appliance to feed yourself, you could look out for a relatively smaller e-griddle. Remember to keep the number of people you will be serving in mind along with the available kitchen space before procuring the appliance.

–       Check the surface coating: As we’ve already mentioned that most griddles feature a non-stick coating surface, this kind of a make is not only easy to cook but also easy to clean. It is handier and is an excellent choice for cooking eggs, sandwiches and so many more meals of your choice.

–       Are you up for some healthy grilling? If you relish your grills it might delight you to know that there are several electric griddle models that feature grill inserts. These are the griddle and grill combo models and generally come as inserts with two sides, i.e. with a flattened surface on one side and a grill surface on the other. The grill surface makes home cooking easier and allows increased versatility in your kitchen while the inserts enable preparing healthy meals ensuring that the fat separates from the food in the cooking process. Unlike contact grills which cook the food from the top and bottom simultaneously, the grill on the electric griddle is an open-style one which enables cooking from one side only and requires flipping to cook the other side. Despite this apparent inconvenience, this model continues to be one of the best available.

–       Check the temperature range: Temperature control is vital to cooking any food and when choosing an e- griddle you must ensure that the appliance offers an extensive temperature control range. Most of the models do come with settings that allow controlling across a range from low, medium and high. All griddles come with basic heating settings though they may not have precise temperatures but enable rudimentary cooking. Griddle models that offer an adjustable temperature dial facilitate better cooking with precise temperature adjustments. Typically, depending on the model the temperatures on the grid range from 190°F to 500°F.

–       Thermostats: If you’ve begun the market research, you must have noticed that most electric griddles come with single thermostats. However, there are models with dual thermostats that allow splitting the griddle into two halves so as to enable variable temperature setting in each half. Investing in a dual thermostat enabled model could come handy, especially if you are planning to prepare two different types of food items. In case you are cooking a single dish you can conveniently heat up only one side of the electric griddle. This is also a great choice as it duals up to serve one and/or many as necessary.

–       Warming tray: If you are looking for an additional purpose of warming, check out models that specially feature a warming tray. Though food can be re-heated on all e-griddle surfaces, having a specific warming tray could be an additional advantage. You may not always wish to re-heat the food directly on the surface as it could lead to drying up the meal. Thus, investing on this feature could ascertain cooking on one surface and warming on the other simultaneously to save on your cooking time as well.

–       Drip trays and tilt capability: Cooking oil-free or with minimum oil can also secrete some grease or juices naturally left on the griddle by the food item itself; especially when using non-vegetarian and dairy products. This is where the drip trays come to much use. Added grease and fat can render the meal unhealthy and having a drip tray in your electric griddle model can check this to a great extent. The drip trays are designed in a way to collect fat drippings oozing out from the food products cooking on the griddle surface. Some griddles come with a tilted design to direct the fat away while other cooking areas feature holes that allow draining the grease into the tray. You can choose a model with either of the methods as both ways the unhealthy fat will be eliminated from your food. Always keep an eye on the drip tray and make sure that it is properly mounted in its place before you commence cooking. When cooking in large quantities, you may need to intermittently empty the drip tray before you complete cooking.

–       Easy cleaning and maintenance: As you look for a non-stick surface that cleans faster with enhanced ease, remember that it is imperative to keep the surface clean at all times. Some griddles feature removable heat controls that can be cleaned in a dishwasher, while others may not. The ones with the reversible and removable grids can usually be washed either manually or in a dishwasher. Whatever method you choose to use, ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleansed prior to reuse. Unclean surfaces could lead to charring of left-over food particles creating foul odour and smoke in your kitchen. Regular cleaning will ensure longevity of your appliance. Thereby, invest in an easy to maintain model!

–       Power cord: A power cord is essential to an electric appliance and though it may appear as less significant don’t miss checking the cord length. Most electric griddles come with a short wire just right for necessary plugging and can eliminate risks of tripping or interfering with other kitchen appliances.

–       Pricing: One of the potent factors to be considered while procuring an appropriate electric griddle is its cost vis-à-vis its features. E-griddles range from moderate to fairly expensive models that depends on the appliance’s overall built and features. You could choose a quality product that offers most standard specifications for a reasonable price. Most high end e-griddle models offer an enhanced warranty which can be beneficial, especially if you are using the appliance regularly. However, depending on your budget and requirement you could make a smart choice without burning a hole in your pocket.

Questions to Ask when Choosing an Electric Griddle

  1. Why should I consider choosing an electric griddle over a gas stove?

Unlike gas-stove burners where the temperature has to be closely monitored, the electric griddles offer much adjustability with the facility of setting the controls to the desired temperature enabling the user with greater control over cooking. Moreover, with just a little countertop space you can simply plug-in the griddle for use.

  1. Should I prefer a griddle with ridged plates?

Many electric griddles come with additional ridged plates that can be set on the griddle top and are great for cooking foods that you would like to bear grill marks on. Furthermore, as they drain away the grease you feel good treating yourself and your family to a healthy meal.

  1. Is grilling on an electric griddle convenient than that on a charcoal grill?

Yes, indeed. If you wish to enjoy the same taste of hamburgers or grill steak yet don’t have enough time and feasibility of heating up the charcoal grill, an electric griddle can work as a complement here. As the e-griddle can be used indoors, you can choose to use either the flat or ridged griddle surface to cook your steaks, sausages or bacons to suit your preference. All you have to do is evenly distribute the cooking time to do up one side of the food placed on the griddle and then flip it around to complete the cooking process. Simply turn the food 90 degrees to get the crosshatch grill marks.

  1. Can the griddle be used for warming foods?

Absolutely! Any leftover or toast foods can easily be heated up on the griddle. Some models that feature a separate warming tray below enable convenient heating that can be done parallel to cooking on the top griddle. You can place buns, tortillas, flatbreads on the griddle over medium heat until they are heated as desired. The griddle allows for uniform heating.

  1. Can the griddle work as a sandwich press?

Yes, depending on the size of your griddle you can roll out a large batch of sandwiches on your compact griddle. Some models that feature a cover allow easy pressing so that you can effortlessly enjoy the paninis and club sandwiches. You can make toasty quesadillas and tortillas with any filling of your choice. By using a heavy pan on the tortillas or sandwiches, you can ensure some extra crisp in your savoury bites. However, remember not to overfill the tortillas as they may ooze out the filling, especially if you consider pressing them down.

  1. What are the care and precautionary measures to be considered while using the griddle?

–       Primarily, you must avoid using abrasive cooking tools like metal or wire on your griddle. It’s advisable to always use food grade plastic, wooden, rubber or nylon cookware while cooking on the griddle. Avoid cutting any food directly on the griddle as it will only damage the surface. Instead transfer the food onto a chopping board for cutting the cooked food as desired.

–       Always unplug your griddle after use and cool the griddle before cleaning it. However, regular cleaning is mandatory for retaining good condition of the griddle surface as allowing food to sit on the griddle for long will harden the surface and make it difficult to remove the latched grease. It’s always a wise idea to follow the instructions given in the appliance guide or manual and consider the manufacturer’s instructions. If your e-griddle has removable parts you can easily wash them with soapy water after it has cooled down. However, use caution while cleaning and avoid using abrasive materials like steel wool as it will damage the griddle surface. Instead use a non-metallic cleaning pad like a piece of clean cloth or sponge for cleaning. Also, ensure not to transfer a hot griddle into cold water immediately after use as it may lead to cracking of the griddle.

–       Store the griddle in an accessible place in your kitchen and make sure that it is easy to plug and disconnect as and when required. The surface where you decide to place your electric griddle should also be heat-resistant and firm enough to prevent damage and prevent possible risks of electric shock. Remember that it should never be used on any soft surface from where it could tip over like on a bed or a couch.

Concluding thoughts:

Selecting the appropriate electric griddle involves an intensive market research coupled with some need based thinking. Once you’ve taken the step you will thank yourself as investing in the right appliance will render excellent results in your culinary experimentations.